We trust everyone enjoyed the 2015 golf season and would like to thank you for your patronage. As always we do our utmost to keep prices in check and have maintained the same pricing as 2015. We look forward to your return and to guarantee your membership for the 2016 season you are asked to do so by indicating your intent by phone (613-722-4319) or via email ( The amount may be deducted from your charge card or paid by cheque. Your options for the 2016 season are as follows:

7 Day Membership
Option One - Prior to December 1st - $220.35 plus HST - $249.00
Option Two - December 1st to December 31st - $247.79 plus HST - $280.00
Option Three - After to December 31st - $265.49 plus HST - $300.00

Weekday Only Membership
Option One - Prior to December 1st - $184.95 plus HST - $209.00
Option Two - December 1st to December 31st - $202.65 plus HST - $229.00
Option Three - After to December 31st - $220.35 plus HST - $249.00

Indoor Golf at Pine View Golf Course

Corporate Golf members may play Pine View's state of the art simualtors for just $22.00. Simply show your membership card on arrival to take advanyage of these tremendous savings.

With Pine View and HD Golf there is no compromising. Why settle for a golf simulator experience that feels artificial when you can tee it up with one that looks and plays like the real thing?

Hole-in-One Gang

Congratulations to Pierre Perrier who got his third career Hole-in-One on number 16 at eQuinelle June 11th. The other two were at the Maxi-Putt in Gatineau, but Pierre still insists they count.

Congratulations to Lynda MacMillan who aced hole number 3 at Buckingham. Lynda used a seven iron from 95 yards out.

Congratualtions to Jay Seagers who got his first hole-in-one ever July 24th on eQuinelle's Par 3 third hole. Using a 4 iron from 162 yards (yeah, I know, a 4 iron...Jay has shoulder problems). Jay hit it on a frozen rope right to the pin, landing about 8ft short, it rolled uphill and stood on the edge for a half-a-second before falling in. It was the longest half-a-second of Jay's life!

Congratulations to John Cosgrove who aced hole number 2 on Canyon at Pakenham Highlands. John used a 9 iron on the 142 yard hole with the tees set back and hole up front. The ball came off the side hill and rolled sideways into the cup.

Dorothy Breeze made her "Miracle Shot" on the par 3 hole that is now set up as a 130 yard hole from the red tee on Pineview's Championship Course. Dorothy used a Taylormade Miscela #1 club. Dorothy and her husband Charles saw the ball land on the green and approach the hole but didn't see it go in. After walking to the green they decided that her ball must have run off. After a fruitless search, they decided to lift the pin and putt-out. Lo and behold, there was Dorothy's pink
ball in the hole. Dorothy is still pinching herself.

On Wednesday August 10th Marshall Lepage used an 8 iron to ace the 125 yard 2nd hole at Glen Mar. Marshall officially has bragging rights over his playing buddies for the rest of the season.

On October 22, 2011, at Smuggler`s Glen Golf Course, Gord Pickup aced the 128-yard 16th hole with his 8-iron! Playing in a tournament, Gord thought he had landed left of the hole. Playing partners Ian and Randeen Campbell, along with Gord's wife Donna saw it go in, however, and let out a yell that could be heard round the golf course.

Pierre (Karaoke Pete) Pierrier also joined the hole-in-one gang. Playing his last game of the year on November 21st at Pineview, Pierre aced hole number 7. As the tee box was under repair, Pierre used an 8 iron from 180 yards out.

Congratulations to Paul Oldale who had his first hole in one. This historic event took place on September 27th at Le Sorcier. Paul aced the 137 yard 12th hole with a 9 iron. The miracle shot was witnessed by Ian Macleod and Robert Gauthier.

Congratulations to Bob Henry who also recorded his first hole-in-one September 8th at the Gatineau. Bob used a 7 iron on the 145 yard third hole. Witness to the shot were Kevin Ward, David Marson, and Jack McLeod. Even though Bob's witnesses are rather sketchy, we'll still take his word for it.

Congratulations to Val Shpak who aced the 157 yard, 4th hole at Champlain using a 6 iron to hit a power draw. This is Val's 5th career hole-in-one! His first was at Champlain back in 1978. Val was good enough to repay his good fortune by buying a round of beer. Actually I'd prefer it if Val just bought me a lottery ticket.

Congratulations to Andre Tasse who aced the 156 yard, 6th hole on the Island Course at Pakenham. This was Andre's first hole-in-one after 17 years of playing golf. Andre used a 9 wood to hit a one hopper into the hole. Ray St.Pierre, Andre's playing partner, said he was glad he was there to witness the shot as this is the first time Andre has bought a round of drinks in years.

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