about us

Corporate Golf has been in business in the Ottawa area for the past eighteen years. Our golf program is designed for the golfer who wishes to play a variety of golf courses at a discounted rate.

Our primary objective is to offer quality and value to our members. Corporate Golf is unique in that we sell a limited number of memberships. We sell only a limited number of memberships so that we may guarantee our members golf 7 days a week at one of our outstanding program courses. That's golf guaranteed, even if you're booking last minute.

Corporate Golf and Golf Select

Corporate Golf has reached an agreement with GolfXtra and Reservation Masters. Each company will continue to operate under their separate names but will have an affiliation with Golf Select, the umbrella company under which Corporate Golf, GolfXtra, and Reservation Masters have formed an agreement. With the new agreement, members will now have access to over 70 courses.

As individual companies we cannot possibly purchase memberships at all of the courses. For example, we had to remove Mont Ste Marie from our list of member courses as the number of members sent did not warrant having it on the program. With the new agreement, group purchasing power allows Corporate Golf members to once again have access to Mont Ste Marie.

We will continue to maintain the best ratio of memberships to members to any similar type program while offering more courses at the best rates. High demand courses close to the city will now have more memberships than before to ensure members have the same level of access. At Gatineau, for example, we've increased our number of memberships from 16 to 42. The best rates, more courses, and the best ratio of memberships to members to any similar type program... the choice seems obvious.

As with all important business decisions, we will work closely with our members to ensure a smooth transition process. As a member of Corporate Golf you can be assured of the same quality and value that you have come to expect.

Membership Renewal for 2016

We trust everyone enjoyed the 2015 golf season and would like to thank you for your patronage. We look forward to your return and to guarantee your membership for the 2016 season you are asked to do so by indicating your intent by phone (613-722-4319) or via email (in_fo@corporategolfottawa.com). The amount may be deducted from your charge card or paid by cheque. Your options for the 2016 season are as follows:

7 Day Membership
Option One - Prior to December 1st - $220.35 plus HST - $249.00
Option Two - December 1st  to December 31st - $247.79 plus HST - $280.00
Option Three - After to December 31st - $265.49 plus HST - $300.00

Weekday Only Membership
Weekdays only, excludes holidays
Option One - Prior to December 1st - $184.95 plus HST - $209.00
Option Two - December 1st  to December 31st - $202.65 plus HST - $229.00
Option Three - After to December 31st - $220.35 plus HST - $249.00

Advantages of Membership


The key to this type of program is the ratio of memberships to members and we have the best ratio of memberships to members. We can do this because we have opted to put our advertising dollars into the purchase of additional memberships to build a better program. More golf, more courses, better price. You'll note that we always have golf available for you, even if you are booking last minute.


We have done our very best to keep prices in check. Without question, we offer the best value of any similar program.

Course Selection

Our course selection is second to none and we are exclusive to many area courses.


We continue to offer both online and phone booking to serve you better. The office is open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon should you have any concerns or need to speak with us directly.

No Shared Cards

While sharing of cards and guest privileges may seem a good idea on the surface, it really works against you as a member. Simply put, if a guest is using a membership at a particular course, that means that a guest is now taking away that spot from a member. Our memberships are for our members, not to be used by the general public.